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Arab Hookah Accessories Assembly Method
Jan 02, 2019

The first step is to fill the bottle with water. Some of the bottles have a scale line marked with water, and do not exceed the maximum scale. Remember that the chimney must be 2 to 3 inches into the water. Some people often put some ice in the bottle to make the smoke more smooth and clear*. Alternatively, you can pour a bottle of cold water into the bottle and then place the bottle in colder water or ice. Step 2: Fix the chimney on top of the bottle. You should seal the chimney and the bottle with the configured rubber ring. Step 3: Then fix the cigarette tray to the head of the chimney. Generally speaking, the round hole in the middle of the tobacco pan is always slightly larger than the head of the chimney, so be careful to fix the cigarette pan first. Step 4: Attach the rubber sleeve to one end of the pipe, and then insert the rubber tube with the rubber sleeve into the chimney. Put the hookah* on the pipe and install the pot. Try to suck it a few times from the mouthpiece to check and make adjustments. Step 5: Pick up some tobacco leaves and put them into the smoke pot. Step 6: Wrap the smoke pot from above with a 3X3 square inch rectangular tin foil. Step 7: Pinch holes in the tin foil and compare them with a pin or a toothpick. Step 8: Step 9: Charging the red charcoal to the top of the smoke*.This shisha* is assembled and configured.

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