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Crystal Hookah
Jan 02, 2019

Since the beginning of the glass manufacturing industry in Egypt, the glass process has been widely spread and utilized. With the continuous improvement of cutting, grinding, engraving and other technologies, various jewelry, agate, crystal, etc. have become value-preserving items with increasing prices. When the Arab shisha, which was circulated from India to the Arab countries in 500 years, quietly emerged, the Arab royal family had a keen interest in the hookahs that could make their leisure time. They all found the famous craftsmen to create the most luxurious and most shisha for themselves. The pot is rich in showing good status and wealth. The beautiful crystal jacuzzi is decorated with various jade jewelry or natural crystals, making it the most popular fashion entertainment at that time.

With the gradual improvement and maturity of the smelting industry and manufacturing industry after the Industrial Revolution, the “Crystal Refiners” used the techniques of coloring, engraving and polishing to create more artificial crystal products. The beauty of artificial crystals is the same. It is pleasing to the eye. This technology was also quickly used in hookahs and was widely favored by the upper celebrities. The crystal clear light has become synonymous with preciousness. Luxury and romance show a distinctive taste. When all the cultural connotations of the Arab hookah are given, the crystal hookah pieces are worthy of appreciation. In addition to all the characteristics of the glass hookah, the crystal hookah looks more dazzling than the traditional hookah, and is a high-end art treasure. Because the crystal hookah is more durable than the glass hookah, the structure is more durable and durable, the crystal density is hard, it is not easy to break, it is not easy to scratch, and the gloss transparency will last for a long time. The crystal hookah feels heavier, has a texture, is pure and transparent, and is as bright as new. It will not change color and age after long-term use. It is a permanent collection of art and an ideal gift.

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