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Hookah History Introduction
Jan 02, 2019

The Arab hookah originally originated in India in the thirteenth century and has been popular in the Middle East since the 16th century. The original hookah smoking set includes a cigarette bottle, a pipe, an air valve, a kettle body, a tobacco pan, a smoke bay, etc., and is composed of a coconut shell and a diabolo tube, and is mainly used for smoking old-fashioned black tobacco. In the Middle East, especially in Turkey and Iran during the Ottoman period, the shisha was once regarded as the "princess and snake of dance", and later spread to the Arab countries, becoming a common way for folks to smoke tobacco.

Hookah can see the shadow of the hookah in many works of art handed down from ancient times. The inspiration for the Egyptian writer Najib Mahafuz, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature, is said to come from the cafes and shisha halls he frequents. Western media have commented that the ideas of Arab intellectuals are contained in their smokers, showing the status and popularity of hookahs in the Arab world.

Hookah was introduced to China during the Ming Dynasty, and later produced Lanzhou hookah and Shaanxi hookah, but it has almost disappeared due to the shrinking market.

Arab hookahs are different from traditional Chinese hookahs. Originated in India. Originally smoked through coconut shells and diabolo tubes; then popular in Persia, in the Middle East, especially in the Ottoman period of Turkey and Iran, the hookah was once seen as "the princess and snake of dance"; then gradually became popular in Arabia . The Arabs have developed the shisha to the point where they are at their peak. For Arabs, smoking a hookah is definitely a pleasant experience. Many people have their own hookahs in different places, and people who pay attention to it and pay attention to them carry silver cigarette holders. It is not only a smoking ware, but its shape is beautiful, and it is also a beautiful handicraft at home. Arab hookahs are like alcohol and toon, which is hard to resist.

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