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Hookah Smoke Is More Health Hazard Than Paper Cigarettes
Jan 02, 2019

However, according to a study published by the World Health Organization, “the risk of health caused by smoking a cigarette is greater than that of smoking paper”.

On May 29, 2007, the World Health Organization released a seven-page research report that clearly stated that “smoke pipe smoking is not a safe smoking option”, “as opposed to traditional knowledge, smoke from the hookah pipe Contains a lot of toxic substances that can cause lung cancer and other diseases."

The report states that “a device that uses a burning charcoal fire to keep the smoke flowing will greatly increase the risk of tuberculosis or hepatitis.” “Totake three hooks a day is equivalent to smoking a pack of paper cigarettes,” and “the hookah is usually mixed.” Honey and fruit taste, compared with paper cigarettes, long-term consumption of water hooks will increase people's smoking, hookah smokers will consume more than 100 times more tobacco than cigarette smokers, waterpipes in addition to scattered nicotine, it is also easy to make people addicted ". In terms of second-hand smoke, “shisha has a greater health hazard than cigarettes.” At the same time, “shisha will cause more adverse effects on pregnant women. Preliminary research shows that smoking water may also lead to 'some special health risks'”.

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