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Modern Development Of Hookah Shisha
Jan 15, 2019

Most manufacturers increasingly use aluminum and stainless steel instead of some low quality alloys.  Silicon rubber are used for hoses instead of leather and wire.  These new materials make a modern hookahs more durable, and easy to washing without risk of corrosion or bacterial decay.  But, due to the high development cost and lack of modern equipment in traditional hookah manufacturing regions, there still have many hookahs are still produced with older technologies.  

An alternative to cigarettes, the hookah tobacco products has enjoyed a relatvie increase in usage among the young people over the past few years, because it honestly tastes pretty good and is an easy way to relax and socialize...they were go to cafes, Hookah bar and smoke and watch soccer games and it was just a very easy way to be social and meet new people while they was there.

Obviously, the future of shisha marketing are still belong to the young people, useful ways to enage young people based on their values, lifestyles and social networks usage, the hookahs must have amazing design and makes more funny and COOL when smoking. Sheena Hookah aim to provide customers with impressive quality service and pleasant experience, and continuing to challenge ourselves and drwing on more new hookah shisha with our skillful staff.

Thanks for your time.

Sheena Hookah


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