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Wooden Hookahs Market In 2019 Worldwide
Jan 18, 2019

Wooden hookahs are getting popular since 2018, the wood stuff has been using most of commodity products such as sunglass, cellphone cases, and clocks you can find it’s available anywhere through internet. But one product that really stands out is wooden hookahs.

Now, hookahs is not only a phenomenon to be seen in the middle-east anymore, it has been popularized globally. The Dymondwood design hookah by Sheena Hookah has good reputation at United State. Worldwide, the waterpipe is seeing an outbreak of incredible success. In the UK, a number of hookah bars has risen since many years ago. German hookah market grew a lot since past few years. We believe that the next growing market of wooden shisha will be Europe market. Germany is the biggest market for Dymondwood hookahs.

What exactly is Dymondwood?

The material is made of replacement of nature wood grain, Dymondwood is a laminated material that is made by dying thin layers of hardwoods and layering them bonded together with phenolic resign and pressing them all together under extreme pressure and heat. It’s a very stable material with very decent toughness. It’s more stable than regular wood and each pieces have special wood grain patterns and colors which are one-of-a-kind. 


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